Sunday, 17 August 2014


Prayer for All to be Comforted

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

May all those souls lost, rest in peace 
and those who are called, remain near us 
and help us from their spiritual home now. 

May those who have suddenly lost 
precious loved ones, be comforted 
not just by human beings, but by the angels 
who also 'look like' human beings, 
and by those angelic forces of nature,
of creatures, weather and winds
that ever come near to comfort the grieving. 

May all see signs of their loved one's
in beautiful ways. 
May all be given the time to mourn 
and be wrapped in fire walls
and protected in their mourning times. 

May all who question, why 
people still laugh in the halls
when there is so much tragedy
in one's own life,
why there is still the sun shining
when it is so cold and dark
from loss of one's loves,
why the moon can possibly still rise
when there is no light left inside us...

Please know that in these 
Great Beings of life rising
again and again, in innocent laughter,
in the beauty of sunlight,
in the magnitude of the moon 
those places and sights
are being held for us, 
held for us by others
living them, seeing them, cherishing them--
until the day that we will ourselves
emerge from walking and wandering
in the land of the dead, 
and come back to life again. 

Laughter and sun and moon
are the promises kept that 
our hearts one day, will be light again,
that our hearts will be in sunlight again,
that our nights will have beauty 
and reflection once again. 

"Prayer .... allows a huge river, an endless river within us, to flow and flow to all streams, all creeks, all artesian wells, all water tables-- 'out there'... all of which, we can help to fill daily, ESPECIALLY for those who come to the water daily, consciously or unconsciously looking to be washed, healed, thirst for life and means for life, sated for one more day. Ours is not to qualify who drinks from the water. Ours is just to cause the water to continue to flow." ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (same posting)

Image: Art by Duy Huynh

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